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Apache James: Enterprise mail and news server based on Avalon/Excalibur libraries; Lunarpages already provides a mail server that supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.


Apache ORB: This library does not work on our servers.


Cocoon: This library is too big for a shared environment and has caused the server to crash in the past.


Expresso: Has caused the server to crash and uses a large amount of server resources.


Hibernate: Consumes excessive amounts of server resources.


HSQL DB: We already provide MySQL as a database server. Please use that instead.


Jahia: This library is too big for a shared environment.


Java Server Faces/JSF: Not supported; can be run on J2SE environment however, it is Native to J2EE, and we will not offer the necessary components on our J2SE shared hosting environment. The necessary API have not been installed, due to compatibility and potential server stability issues.


Jetspeed: Has caused major server crashes.


Jive: Has caused major server crashes.


JWMA: This has caused issues on the server. Please use JavaMail instead.


Laszlo: Requires Dedicated server to run, uses too many resources for shared hosting.


Sofia: Has caused unexpected behavior on Resin.


Springframework: Not suitable for shared hosting environment.


Tapestry: Support has been removed due to security restrictions


Velocity: Has caused issues with Resin 2.1.


WebWorks/OpenSymphony: Not officially supported because it requires J2EE.




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